Monthly Archives: April 2014


29.5.2011 New photos of PUPPIES from D litter here.
25.5.2011 The puppies from litter D are one month old. They are joyful and active.
They tasted meat pouch and granules for the first time yesterday.
They drink milk from mummy only time to time, because their teeth grew
up,so it´s not very pleasant to mummy :).

1 dog is still free for reservation!


18.5.2011 New photos of PUPPIES from D litter here.


26.4.2011 We´ve got PUPPIES !!! They are 4 males and all of them (also with
mummy) are health and ready for their new lives. Let me know, if
you´d like to have a dog from me. 2 males are still free.


25.4.2011 three dogs of my C litter participated the regional dog show in Horovice
(the outcomes at individual dogs). It was the first exhibition in their lives
(also for their owners) and they were all very skilful and brilliant. You
made me prowd. Congrats!


12.4.2011 So Cesmina z Chotyne is going to be rounder and rounder. At a
common walk she ambles (what is not typical for her) and at home
she likes more sleeping in her bed. I attach here her actual picture
(with smooth-shaven abdomen from our vet because of the ultrasound
examination), so the puppies have been on the horizon allready and
my mum (not much credible source) even heard them bark :D.


18.3.2011 Pregnancy confirmed! Our vet saw 3 to 4 babies.


I will visit the Dog show in Horovice on 25.4.2011 with three dogs from my
“C” litter: Cisarovna Sisi Cesky Kras, Constanse Cesky Kras
and Cofi Cesky Kras


22.and23.2.2011 My dog Cesmina z Chotyne was mated by an amazing dog
Belphegor, which was imported to the Czech republic last year from
Hungary. We expect PUPPIES at the end of April.


28.10.2010 Cesmina z Chotyne gained the third place (from 17 dogs) in dog race
called Memorial of Vaclav Pernikl in Horovice in the primary obedience


9.10.2010 On the International dog show in Ceske Budejovice my dog
Cesmina z Chotyne got mark VG2. And her daughter
Bozidara Cesky Kras got VG2 also (in another class). It was her
first exhibition. Congratulations :-)


29.9.2010 We plan to participate on dog race in October called Memorial
of Vaclav Pernikl in Horovice.


1.9.2010 In October we are going to an international
exhibition in Ceske Budejovice.


20.8.2010 Our kennel presented 2000 Czech crowns for treatment of the Belgian
shepherd dog Groenendael, which was harmed by hammer by his owner.
Nowadays he´s going better.


2.5.2010 All puppies have been already reserved.


3.4.2010 new puppies were born. See litter C Cesky Kras.
(2 females and 1 male are still free!)