About us

When I was 15 yers old, I recognized that there was something missing in my life … Yes, it was a dog. In that time I was living with my parents and my brother in a small flat in Prague. And because I knew I wanted A bigger dog, I had to convince my parents first… Fortunately it was easier than I had expected. A few months later I moved to a smaller town near Prague, into my grandma’s house with a garden. I also had to change the school. I got my first dog one year later (because firstly I had to show my parents that I was able to keep studying with good results even after changing the school).

By the time I moved to my granny’s house I still didn’t know which breed I wanted. It was a piece of luck I decided for Malinois. My brother had a calendar with the dogs on his table. One day I went around and it was opened at the page with a picture of three beautiful Malinois and there was a short description of a wonderful character of this amasing breed under the picture. I suddenly fell in love with Malinois and it lasts till now when I´m over 20. I started to look for more information, I bought some books about dog breeding and training.

Finally, one year after moving to my grandma’s house I got my first Malinois bitch Cesmina z Chotyne. And when she succeeded in the first international dog show (CAJC, BOB), she was great in training and her hips were ok (HD A), I wanted to have puppies from her! So in 2005 my kennel Cesky Kras was established.